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SPAM Policy

This is how the concerned customers react when they start getting SPAM emails. A sample:
I am frequently getting SPAM emails since the day I ordered online. Have you distributed or sold my contact information? Do me a favor; take me off your mailing list.


We strictly adhere to self-imposed guidelines and are bound by very strict Federal and Provincial regulations. SunDrugstore adopts a zero tolerance policy for SPAM. Seeing it intrusive and not respectful of their privacy, we as of now avoid running an e-mail mailing list with our own active customers. While we may start this in the future keeping in mind that it is reasonable to communicate with our patients’, our customers can rest assured that we do not share, sell or distribute the confidential information with any organization.


You can click on the following links to know about our up-to-date privacy policy and terms of use:
SunDrugstore Privacy Policy
SunDrugstore Terms of Use
While there are a few websites such as ours that do not make use of the personal information you provide them, there some other companies unfortunately that can obtain information like your name, email address and mailing information without your knowledge. They do so by using various different kinds of viruses and spyware. You do not know and these additional programs get installed when you are in the process of installing free programs such as “Browser Toolbars” or other fun additions downloaded from the internet. This way, spyware applications are able to watch which websites you visit. The information you type into the forms of these websites can even be recorded and stored by them. They can thus report it back to a 3rd party without your knowledge. The 3rd party, in turn, either can sell this information further or mail you directly.

Follow these suggestions to know what spyware is, how you can prevent it from getting it installed and how you can remove it if it is installed:

  1. You can ask your Internet Service provider whether they can provide you some software which can scan the viruses and spyware installed on your computer as part of your service with them.
  2. Visit http://www.microsoft.com/security/default.aspx . This free tool updates automatically, scans constantly for new threats and protects your PC against the most malicious programs.
  3. You can discuss with the dealer you have bought your computer from if they have additional services and products to take care of the concerns your particular computer might have regarding these uncalled-for mails  .


As a responsible provider of the reliable products, we do not indulge in the activities like disclosing your information to the 3rd parties. We take these issues and the complaints of our customers very seriously. We use highly-advancd128-bit SSL encryption and in some stages, 2048-bit encryption to protect all the pages on our website that collect information from our patients.

As SunDrugstore receives thousands of such unsolicited emails on a daily basis and has to use several advanced programs and services to stop them, it can very well understand the frustration faced by its customers regarding unsolicited emails.

We do hope that we have been able to clarify at least some of your doubts regarding unsolicited emails. At SunDrugstores, we’ll always strive to work to the best of our abilities to protect the customers’ interests against the unsolicited emails and keep them informed about the same and support them so that they are least affected by its impact.



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