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SunDrugStore and the 10 Star Commitment



SunDrugStore-If you do not Know about its 10 Star Commitment!

10 star commitment ensures that you will be able to get best brands and generic medications from United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Australia at the much lower prices than US retail prices.  The same medications people in these countries buy at higher prices are available on this online pharmacy at cheap rates with no compromises with quality or no shortcuts having been used.


We have taken this step with a mission to not betray our customers who repose faith in us. We want our customers to keep believing in our online drugstore; that’s why we have come up with 10 star commitment.


10 Key Points of Quality the 10 Star Commitment Entails


  1. A 100% money back guarantee under Patient Protection Plan.
  2. The sales of all products are for the personal use of patient.
  3. Names and directions must be in English on the packaging of each and every product.
  4. Personal health information is strictly protected.
  5. Patients have a direct access to licensed pharmacy name, address, license number and contact information.
  6. Controlled, potentially abusive, pseudoephedrine medications and other high-risk products are not included.
  7. A primary care physician prescription is required post an in-person physical examination.
  8. Prescription of products is required when the pharmacy or patient’s country requires it.
  9. All the products being sold are within the regulated supply chains of Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  10. Licensed pharmacists provide counseling as and when required or requested after they have conducted therapeutic screening and review of every order for every patient.


The Last Word

We make patients in 141 countries to get benefitted of our medicines at economic costs and we are proud of the way we make them lead healthier lives.

Some products lines will come and go owing to a variety of constraints since we are a global company however, we will forever strive to maximize savings on available medicines to all our patients all across the world.

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