Many people think Silagra is a new derivative of Viagra but in fact by Cipla Silagra pills were manufactured long before appearance of brand Viagra in the market. The chemical composition of generic Silagra is very close to Viagra’s content and the active ingredient is identical – sildenafil. But those males who have tried both Silagra and Viagra claim practically there is no difference in an effect provided by these drugs only Silagra costs cheaper and has a quicker response to offer than original Viagra.

By definition Silagra is a PDE5 inhibitor that works to relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in males. ED is an impairment characterized by an inability of a man to maintain erection until climax after being sexually aroused. This condition may lead to impotence characterized in its turn with insufficient flow of blood to penis. ED is usually caused by multiple psychological and physiological reasons. No matter what caused erectile dysfunction manufactured by Cipla Silagra no prescription pills will be able to maintain erection for a short time period during a sexual intercourse.

Side effects

The major side effects of the drug Silagra are facial flushing, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath and mild headache. Application of Silagra tablets leads to the development of side effects in rare cases. Most often, side effects occur when exceeding the maximum daily dose of Silagra or when applying Silagra tablets together with alcohol.