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Privacy Policy

SunDrugstore is completely committed to protect the confidentiality and personal information of its customers. At SunDrugstore we take great care of keeping all the information provided by our patients strictly out of reach of any external sources whatsoever. We run our business in line with the privacy standards established by SunDrugstore’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (the “Act”). The act which has Ten Privacy Principles related to the use of personal information is quite capable to govern our actions and is followed by SunDrugstore. These Ten Privacy Principles are discussed in detail below:


Principle 1- Accountability: Keeping in view that SunDrugstore is responsible for the protection and maintenance of personal information under its control, we have designated an individual who is accountable for our compliance with the Ten Privacy Principles.


Principle 2-Identifying Purposes:  The purpose of all the personal information will be identified prior to the collection or at the time of the collection of information.


Principle 3-Consent: It is necessary to acquire the consent of the customer to collect, use or disclosure of personal information which should also reain in his/her knowledge except in cases where it is required or permitted by law.


Principle 4- Limiting Collection:
All the personal information collected must be in compliance with the purposes identified by SunDrugstore. The collection of the information must be done through fair and lawful means.   


Principle 5-Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention: Unless a customer has agreed to let it used or otherwise or it is required or permitted by law, all the personal information may be used or disclosed only for the purposes it has been collected.  All this information may be retained till the time it has not been used for the identified purposes.


Principle 6- Accuracy: Since Personal information being collected is for a particular purpose, it must be in an accurate, up-to-date and complete form.


Principle 7-Safeguarding Personal Information: Security safeguards that are appropriate to the sensitivity levels of the information must be used for the protection of information.


 Principle 8-Openness: Information concerning the policies and practices that apply to the management of customers’ personal information must be made available to them by SunDrugstore.


Principle 9-Customer Access: In case a Customer requests to know the existence, use and disclosure of his/her information, he/she will be informed and if necessary will be given access to it. At the same time, a customer may request to amend it, if appropriate after verifying the accuracy and completeness of their information.


Principle 10-Handling Customer Complaints and Suggestions: Customers may contact SunDurgstore Privacy Officer and may direct any questions or enquiries regarding the privacy principles explained above or about our practices.


Mentioned below are the guidelines that set forth the principles SunDrugstores uses in the collection, use, maintenance and protection of personal information its customers provide it:


We Collect Following Types of Personal Information
Only information which is necessary to provide our services and fulfill your orders is collected and used by SunDrugstore. Personal information which is generally gathered includes:
Name, mailing address, e-mail address, age, date of birth, height, weight, sex, telephone numbers, referral source, occupation, employment status, the name of your primary physician, his/her contact information, the existence and types of drug allergies, your personal medical history information, family medical history information, details of your existing medications, medications requested, prescription information, banking information( including transit and account numbers) and credit card information( including name of card holder,  card type and number and expiry date).
The choice of sharing your personal information with us always rests with you. However it is possible that your decision to withhold specific details may limit the services and products we are out to offer you and it may make it more difficult for us to provide you appropriate alternatives in case of unavailability of particular products desired by you. We may ask you to provide additional information so that we are able to assist you in other ways in case we are not able to accommodate your request based on the information you’ve provided. A file containing contact history that is used for customer inquiry purpose may also be maintained by us. That apart, anonymous/non-personal information that cannot be associated with or traced back to a particular person or business entity may be collected by us.


Personal Information-The Purposes for which We Use it
The personal information provided by you makes us able to communicate with you; this results in your enhanced visit to our website and allowance of the procession of your prescription orders. Overall, it enables us to provide the products and services you have requested in a better way. You personal information may be passed on to an affiliated company, a prescribing physician or a licensed pharmacy so as to fulfill your prescription to your full satisfaction.  
SunDrugstore may use your information to offer additional products and services sold by it. It may transfer records containing personal information to the purchaser if the situation arises to sell all or substantially all of the assets of SunDrugstore. We’ll seek your prior consent before furnishing your personal information to an outside organization for its use in marketing or solicitation.
Mentioned above are the purposes for which we use your personal information. We’ll notify you and contact you to take your consent if for any reason, your personal information needs to be used for a different purpose other than those already disclosed.
We may require to disclose certain information to authorities in the event of a legal proceeding or a court order. We make sure that authorities making the request have legitimate grounds to do so and only the specific information requested by them is disclosed.
In situations such as employing reasonable and legal methods to collect a delinquent account or in case of a medical emergency or suspicion of illegal activities, we are legally permitted to disclose personal information.
Personal information provided by you may sometimes be processed and handled by our trusted service suppliers since we sometimes hire outside organizations ion contract to carry out some specialized services for us.   
Our website collects information only when you provide it voluntarily at the time of your visiting our webpage otherwise it remains to yourself. if anytime, you need to browse our website, you can do it privately and anonymously without revealing your personal information.


FetchBack, with which we partner to serve ads and/or collect certain information when a customer visits the website of SunDrugstore, may collect non-personally identifiable information like IP address, pages viewed and whether any conversion took place at the time of your visiting the website so as to make you more interested by showing advertisements on other websites, through cookies or web beacons.
You can visit www.networkadvertising.org If you want to opt out of this use of your personal information or know more about this behavioral advertising practice.


Assessment and Amendment of Your Information
Since we make the decision based on the information furnished by you, it is important that the information you provide us is correct and accurate. To make sure that you are supplying us the precise information, you can verify and amend the information contained in your personal and financial files by accessing it.
Check your files to correct any inaccuracy in them from time to time and keep your personal information up-to-date. We may commit errors despite our best efforts. However, we’ll make the required changes in case you identify any out-of-date or incorrect information in your files and provided you a copy of updated information. These changes will be intimated to other parties who may have unintentionally received wrong information from us only when appropriate.


Security Safeguards
We see to it that your personal information is protected against unauthorized access, disclosure, misuse or inappropriate alteration and for this we employ state-of-the-art technologies along with maintaining all security standards. All safety and security measures are in line with the sensitivity level of your information. Whereas paper-based files are stored in areas restricted to access, electronic client files are kept in a safe environment with restricted access.   
We review our security services periodically under which we ensure that our server environment is being managed appropriately and our firewall infrastructure is strictly adhered to.  We out in use latest technologies to enable us to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the information you have provided us.
Employees of SunDrugstore are strictly prohibited to unauthorized access and/or disclosure of client information. If an employee at any time fails to maintain the confidentiality of personal information, he/she is liable to appropriate disciplinary measures including dismissal. SunDrugstore makes all its employees sign a confidentiality agreement at the time of recruitment under which they are required to abide by the privacy standards established by us and to follow all applicable laws and regulations.


Privacy Officer
You are welcome to contact our privacy officer in case you have any questions or enquiries regarding our practices or your personal information.

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