Elimite: Treating Scabies and Head Lice Infection

Elimite information

Elimite is a medication that helps in treating scabies as well as infection that occurs due to lice in the head. Generic versions are also available in the market having the same ingredients and working in the similar manner. Elimite cream scabies is available in the form of lotion, cream and liquid. Elimite lotion has permethrin 1 percent is used in treatment of lice that is there in the head and the lotion with permethrin 5 percent is used in scabies treatment.

Points to remember for elimite cream for scabies

Has your doctor prescribed you to take elimite? Well, before you buy elimite cream you should weigh the risk benefit ratio. If the risks part is higher you should avoid using permethrin for scabies or elimite.

If you are allergic to permethrin or any other ingredient as present in elimite cream then you should avoid taking this. If you have taken it and thereafter you realize that you have some allergic reactions then you should inform your doctor at the earliest in connection to this.

Before you use permethrin lotion you should read the label and instruction leaflet thoroughly. This will help you follow all the instructions properly.

The studies in regards to use of over the counter permethrin or prescription elimite are in the developing stage. And thus, it is still not confirmed that using elimite for a pregnant woman may affect the unborn baby or the fetus. Also, studies do not yet confirm about effects of elimite during breastfeeding. And therefore, it is important to take decision only after medical guidance before using this lice permethrin.

Permethrin cream has the tendency to interact with certain drugs. And therefore you should tell the doctor about the medications you are already using for your health problems.

While you are using permethrin concentrate it would be better to avoid smoking as well as taking alcohol.

Guidelines for using permethrin products like elimite 5 cream

When your elimite buy is for scabies then you should make sure you have well read all the instructions as mentioned in the leaflet. You should first wash your affected skin thoroughly. Then there should be application and massage of the cream and then you should leave it as it is for around 12 hours. Now take shower and then wear clean clothes.

If you are using elimite 5 cream for head lice then shampoo your hair. Now, you should let the hair dry properly. And then after the hair become dry apply the medication in the head skin. Now, you should rinse your hair well and towel-dry them.

Where to buy permethrin

If you are looking forward to purchase this medication then you can try out online. You will be able to find branded as well as generic versions of this medication. And the best thing is you will be able to buy them at cheaper rates. In this manner you will be able to save some of your pennies. This will give you a cost saving benefit.